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Ashione Gallery

*Ah-hh Ashione, ebe ndioma mara, nazu!

We Speak African Art!


Batik by Ruffy. Abstract figure carrying an unusual bowl. 38"X20"


Unframed batik. Bird at the house. 28"X20"


Unframed batik by Ruffy. Abstract picture, carrying bowl. Black and white color 36"X20"


Unframed batik by Ruffy. Giraffe. 38"X20"


Unframed Batik by Ruffy - Lion 25" X 40"


Unframed batik by Ruffy - Abstract batik with breasts 49"X26"


Unframed batik by Ruffy. Mother and child and a giraffe . 49"X26"


Batik by Ruffy. Smoking Chief 50"X26"

Framed Batik. Classic Ruffy!

Women drawing water

aswn. #153

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Paintings and Other Fine Artworks


We are the Gallery that brought you those glorious original batik paintings that you so loved! We know, they were so popular and were all gone, before you had

a chance to get yours. But not to worry, we are in negotiations to get you

some, as we speak. 

You probably will get another

chance come spring. As you

may know, we search thorough-

ly to bring you images that

touch you and warm your hearts.

Otherwise, what is the point?

Sometimes your mind's eye can

travel with these images to visit

with the different African peoples,

their way of life, and spirituality,

etc. Some works are signed, others

are of unknown artists. The art-

works hang easy. They can be the

main attraction in a room or be

enjoyed as second fiddle. They

have hung in offices, country or

town houses (some of these town

houses are valued at millions of

dollars - but we digress!) and in

sumptuous apartments. They also

make wonderful gifts. In addition, these fine art works are all originals. You are able to purchase the artists' original (fine) works, not copies, reproductions, nor limited editions.

Our current offerings feature

banana leaf and stem artwork-

dried, prepared, dyed or painted,

cut and pasted. How amazing and

earth friendly is that! Burlap, silk,

cottony or a combination of all

materials are used as backgrounds.

Infact a customer told us that his

purchase was to be a gift to a

world renowned poet (hint...Oprah

adores her!). Some add splashes of

color, others are spiritual in nature,

and yet others are demurely elegant.

Enjoy all! Our other offerings

include, water colors, work on silk,

charcoal, oil on canvas, etc. Many

times, these artists mix their work 

materials with indigenous or foreign elements for beautiful works that you would

enjoy for a long time. We are your African art specialists and we know what you

love!! Shop to buy your artwork now, while supplies last! Buy your artwork now!

Buy your artwork now!