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Ashione Gallery

*Ah-hh Ashione, ebe ndioma mara, nazu!

We Speak African Art!


Hello, Awesome!


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Ashione Gallery's, Woman with Fulani Earrings

Made in New York

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You have arrived at your website - the site that speaks to you. This is where you would obtain your jewelry (and African art works) moving forward. Your friends and family would love us too. So, bring them all here to shop and to obtain gifts.

By popular demand, we now also carry African influenced jewelry. It seems that our trendsetting history has brought the world community to this fever pitch desire for African and African influenced jewelry (Read More - Scroll all the way down). We are just getting warmed up!

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But welcome. Join our customer base who are, cosmopolitan, well traveled, trend setters in their own rights, and sophisticated. They are also varied in their jewelry choices. (Be sure to sign our Contact List, so you would always be in the know!).

And so, we now provide opportunities for you to wear our varied styles for all occasions - chic parties, work, traditional-type settings (churches, bank employees, etc), weekends and oh, the nite life!

Our jewelry is mostly thematic, following certain cultural and traditional leanings established long ago. We believe they also are of royalty, opulent, classy (not gaudy!), luxurious (not shiny!!), and customers love the earthy elements they may sometimes find inside. 

As you peruse and buy our earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and rings, we hope you are loving them as much as we love collecting them for you. These are the culmination of our 25 years of business experience. We have learned through this experience to appreciate what you love. 

To your delight, we have all price ranges. To your benefit, we have also renegotiated price reductions with our suppliers.

Below are our fabulous offerings!

Fulani Earrings

Fulani earrings originated from the Fulani people who can now be found in many West African countries, but mainly in Nigeria, Ghana, and Mali. Our earrings were made by those in Mali. The Fulani have afforded the world these beautiful art-form earrings that are treasures to many Africans, and now loved the world over.

Authentic Fulani earrings were hand pounded in gold, silver, brass or aluminum. As part of the process, they were known to dust the brass or gold tone with gold dust to give it that special African yellowish color. In fact, many jewelers also dusted the silvery ones, to enable the capability of wearing both silver and gold tone jewelry at the same time! It's an African thing!!

Sizes and tones vary from jeweler to jeweler. In the olden days, the tone of the earrings (darker, brighter) could be seen as a signature, guiding one at the market to the jeweler of one's choice. The size variations was the result of their being hand made.

Welcome again. You are so awesome to shop here!

Authentic Fulani earrings are difficult to obtain and therefore we may not have all sizes and colors available at all times. Please call or contact us, when in doubt.

We sell from stock and as explained above, there may be size, color and tone variations. Brass and gold tone are used interchangeably. 

Our Fulani earrings, as they are traditional in nature, come with what some may consider as- rough crafting, groves and bends- the very characteristics the Fulani people may use to authenticate the earrings they buy. They can be seen all day manipulating, straightening and/or otherwise interacting with the earrings. And so when we shop for you, we also look for same rough edges to authenticate our picks. 

Enjoy. We love that you love our jewelry and artworks.

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Fulani Earrings - Errs. 100


Fulani Earrings - Errs. 101


Fulani Earrings - Errs. 102


Fulani Earrings - Errs. 103


Fulani Earrings - Errs. 104


Fulani Earrings - Errs. 105

Jumbo de Jumbo

Fulani Earrings - Errs. 106

Jumbo de Jumbo

Fulani Earrings - Errs. 107

Vintage gemstones! Gentility revisited!!

Lapis and Hot Pink Stone - Errs. 108

Corneliah earrings

Corneliah Earrings - Errs. 109

Black Balls!

Black Glass Earrings - Errs. 110

Lapis encased in silver.

Vintage lapis and Silver Earring - Errs. 111

Hand hammered balls-lite wear!

Dancer's Balls - Errs. 112

Stylish copper, and lapis earrings.

Copper, and Lapis Earrings - Errs. 113

Silver a'fashionista earrings

Silver a'fashionista - Errs. 114

Vintage gemstones. Gentility revisited!

Hot Pink and malachite Earrings - Errs. 115

Looking good baby, in your glass de azure sky, earrings

Glass de Azure Sky - Errs. 116

Sterling Silver Earrings

Sterling Silver Earrings - Errs. 117

Traditional stylish Kenyan earrings

Kenya Ahoy! - Errs. 118

Forever beautiful resin

Resin in Brass - Errs. 119

Gorgeous crushed crystaline piece for work and play!

Be the Crystal! - Errs. 120

Gorgeous earrings. They still make them this beautiful!

Gorgeous earrings - Errs. 121

Beautiful earrings of unusual adorning shape

Silver earrings - Errs. 122

Glass and brass, perfect together., for a more perfect you!

Glass and Brass Earrings - Errs. 123

This blue is your color, darling!

Glass and Brass Earrings - Errs. 124

Small earring with a whole lot of "personality"!

Black Stone and silver earrings - Errs. 125

Forever Moroccan earrings.

Wonderful forever Moroccan Earrings - Errs. 126

Double decker lapis earrings. Old style.

Lapis Earrings - Errs. 127

Purple stoned earring. Unknown materials but, believed to be resin. Lite wear!

Purplish Earrings, lite wear - Errs. 128

Unusual South African Earrings - where the animals still roam

South African Earrings - Errs. 129

Egyptian Earrings

'Ntory told

"Papi's tracking device!"

In the vast realms of the Sahara Desert, a woman was said to have worn this kind of earring in order to help her lover find her! But we love this story, especially, the lover's part!! This is among our most popular earrings. Enjoy!

"Papi's tracking device

'Ntory told - Errs. 130

For work or play, look your best!

Classic Earrings, lite wear - Errs. 131

Beautifully designed, great detailing, for amazing you!

Beautifully designed - Errs. 132

Two tier Kenyan lite wear earrings of aluminum, copper and brass. Great colors, just for you!

Two Tier Earrings - Errs. 133

Looking good and soulful earrings.

Silver face mask Earrings - Errs. 134

If you can have double, eh?

Double Decker Earrings - Errs. 135

You the goddess! Oral history refers to her as a goddess and protector of women and children!!

Akuaba Earrings - Errs. 136

It's complicated! And you are just as complicated!!

Spirral Earrings - Errs. 137

Just like you?

Beautiful with a flair earrings - Errs. 138

Elegant earrings for work and play.

Elegant earrings - Errs. 139

Wonderful design.Yes, you do command attention!

Sterling Silver Overlay Earrings - Errs. 140

Great intricate design.

Beautiful earrings - Errs. 141

Stylish Silver and turquoise earrings.

Turquoise in silver earrings - Errs. 142

Gorgeous earrings for an even more gorgeous you!

Gorgeous earrings - Errs. 143

Love those butterfly earrings

Butterfly Earrings - Errs. 144

Double can be drop down gorgeous!

Double Decker Earrings - Errs. 145

The fantastic 4

Fantastic 4 in 1 Earrings - Errs. 146

Beautiful earrings that are always stylish

Always In Style Earrings - Errs. 147

Always good luck. Hammered for lite wear!

Elephant Earrings - Errs. 148

Very gift-y!

Fantastic Substantial Earrings - Errs. 149

Beautifully crafted earrings. Fit for royalty.

Beautifully Crafted Earrings - Errs. 150

Gorgeous for work and play earrings.

Amber and Sterling Silver - Errs. 151

Beautifully hand braided in one piece - of silver, copper and brass. Can you imagine!

Kenya ahoy Earrings - Errs. 152

Beautiful Maasai Earrings

Always handmade! Always trending!!

Medium. Always trending

Maasai Earrings - Errs. 153

Large. Hand woven and has that wonderful hand woven look. Beautiful colors. Always trending.

Maasai Earrings - Errs. 154

Medium size. Beautiful blue. Always trending.

Maasai Earrings - Errs. 155

Medium size. Would add color and pizzazz to your look! Always trending.

Maasai Earrings - Errs. 156

Medium size. Color and pizzazz! Always trending.

Maasai Earrings - Errs. 157

Medium size. Great color combination! Always trending.

Maasai Earrings - Errs. 158

Large size. You the show off and why not! Always trending.

Maasai Earrings - Errs. 159

Large size. You the show off, and why not! Always trending.

Maasai Earrings - Errs. 160

Extra large. Show, show off, and why, why not! Always trending.

Maasai Earrings - Errs. 161

Medium size. This is the one on the Ndebele doll model. Beautiful, eh? Perhaps you want to buy the Ndebele doll also, so she can continue to wear her earrings. If so, make your move before Someone beats you to it!! Separate prices for doll and earrings.

Maasai Earrings - Errs. 162

Great colors! Can be worn for work and play !! Always trending.

Maasai Earrings - Errs. 163

Hand woven Massai earrings. Beautiful colors. Always trending.

Maasai Earrings - Errs. 164

Wonderful Maasai earrings. Darling unusual colors. Always trending.

Maasai Earrings - Errs. 165

Hand woven Maasai earrings with a flair. Reminds one of those fabled Maasai spears! Always trending.

Maasai Earrings - Errs. 166

Hand woven Maasai earrings with a flair. Delightful unusual colors. Always trending.

Maasai Earrings - Errs. 167

Elegant Maasai earrings of fantastic colors. Always trending.

Maasai Earrings - Errs. 168

Elegant South African Earrings Reminds one of those of the Maasai! Did you know that the Maasai can also be found in South Africa?

South African Earrings - Errs. 169

Elegant South African earrings. See # for description

South African Earrings - Errs. 170

Darling South African Earrings. Reminds one of that song, "would you come into my parlor, said the spider to...ti's the prettiest little parlor..." Beautiful earrings

South African Earrings - Errs. 171

Amazing Ghanaian earrings, with cowrie shells

Ghana style, ahoy! - Errs. 172


Kenya Now!

Fantastic authentic hand made bone earrings from Kenya. Price, still only $135

Fantastic Bone Earrings - Errs. 173

See the Batik write up on the Bracelet page. Fabulous earrings with fancy ear wires

Batik Earrings - Errs. 174

Elephant earrings. Always good luck. And we know you adore elephants!

Elephant Earrings - Errs. 175

Natural and beautiful

Kenyan bone earrings - Errs. 176

See our Batik write up on our Bracelet Page. Very stylish.

Large Elegant Batik Earrings - Errs. 177

Many African cultures, including Kenya and South Africa adorn themselves with tooth simulated earrings, perhaps in appreciation or in commonality with the power of animals. These extra large earrings was probably made of quartz. Beautifully powerful!

Extra large Earrings. - Errs. 178

Beautifully recycled nut earrings. Helps make the earth sustainable!

Recycled Nut Earrings - Errs. 179

Trunk up. Always good luck.

Elephant Earrings - Errs. 180

Small sweet bone and bead earrings.

Black and White Earrings - Errs. 181

Fabulous copal earrings

Fabulous Copal Earrings - Errs. 182

Rare red amber earrings

Red Amber Earrings - Errs. 183

Fashionista's earrings, for work or play.

Glass Balls! - Errs. 184

Trunk up. Always good luck!